Who We Are

ABWorld, LLC is a small business, founded in 2014 that specializes in military and commercial equipment, parts and tool sales, weight handling equipment operations, equipment and cargo transport, equipment maintenance and corrosion methods. Technical documentation and solutions available for: crane lifts, crane management, project management, engineering with 3-D graphic design and fleet planning and maintenance. AB World sales and service technical support operate in the continental Guam and CONS.

What We Do

We provide a variety of project support levels base on customer specific demands that allow customers to meet mission requirements that includes: proper solving, estimating, part and material procurement, planning and design, site inspection and operation oversight, training, and maintenance. Speculation with mobile and facility crane management to design and installation.

Weight-Handling Operations

AB World provides innovated solutions for program management, lift planning, lift operations, inspection and load testing, personnel training, equipment delivery and install to meet OSHA and military requirements: such as Navy Crane Center and NAVSEA requirements. The main focus is to ensure the equipment is safe to operate and operations are conducted safety and efficiently and to ensure for optimum equipment service life. AB World employees receive such training as the OSHA-30 hour General Industry Safety and Health Training; per 29 CFR 1910 & EM 385-1-1 and Navy Knowledge/Navy Crane Center course certified.


AB World provides a variety of equipment types, manufactures and models. Price quotes provided upon request and validation of specification and coordinates shipping to include inter-costal transports.


AB World backs all management and service work. AB World provides proven management programs and equipment solutions for support services and maintenance for military and commercial equipment working in harsh and corrosive environments with specific maintenance schedule profiles to include mobile support with trained technicians and latest support tools and technologies.

Parts & Materials

AB World provides competitive part and material pricing, creative shipping solutions and electronic base inventory to meet customer’s request. Provide small and large customers with solutions to meet on demand needs while working in challenging and demanding environment conditions.

Engineering Design

AB World works with customers to develop statement of work requirement, provide site inspections, performs pre-design reviews and uses the latest technology to ensure designs meet customer requirements. Speculations in crane lift planning to allow customers to meet military entry and work requirements such as but limited to: OSHA, Navy P-307 and P-300 and EM 385-1-1. Crane packets are detail specific per job or lift to ensure elements of a lift are included such as: safety, quality, documentation, personnel, and risk assessment.

Our Team

Joe AtaligCo-Founder

Tim BlackwellCo-Founder

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